Things that are happening to The Wind-up Birds.

Kendal Calling and Cockpit

Poster for cockpit gig 2 JulyWe are dead pleased that we are going to be playing Kendal calling festival again. Take a look at their site for the full line-up. Loads of ace people playing - Public Enemy, Johnny Marr, Primal Scream, British Sea Power, Dub Pistols and loads of others.

As a nice warm up we are playing one of the Futuresound gigs at the Cockpit on 2 July. We want people to come down so if you buy a ticket you also get a free download of five ultra-rare songs from our past. Non of these songs are available anywhere and some of them are quite good really.

Also playing our night at the Cockpit - Monster Killed by Laser, Jade Helliwell and Tay Cousins

Kendal Calling line-up

Ticket for Cockpit gig and free EP

Facebook event for Cockpit Gig


A gig!

Feb brudenell gig posterNot posted on here for a while but we have a gig now so thought we would load the poster up.

We are playing at the Brudenell Social Club on 1st Feb 2013.


We are playing with 3 other great bands.

Kleine Schweine

Mon Mon


who are all well worth a listen.

There is a facebook event too:


Make sure you come along cos we don't know when we are playing again.









The Mild Awards Vid and Sturdy Fest

Mild Awards VideoHere is the video for the new single "The Mild Awards". Fairly cheap. Oh well. We like it.

Come and see us perform it live at Sturdy Records Compilation launch day here.




Autumn 2012 things going on (loads)

The Mild Awards CoverFirst up - our new single comes out to download and on vinyl on 12th November.

Its called "The Mild Awards" and the B-side is "Some Gimmicks For You"

We recorded the A-side quite a while ago with Ross at Ghost Town but it never felt finished. Then Ben Siddal at TamlaMoortown studios stepped in with a brass and strings arrangement featuring various musicians and the song felt like a cool pop single.

The B-side is dead new. We recorded it a few weeks ago with Nathan from Moody Gowns and James from Post War Glamour Girls.

The whole thing was mastered by Tom at Hippocratic Mastering.

A real group effort for this single.

Hope you like it!



Sturdy CompilationWe have also contributed a song to the Sturdy Records compilation which is coming out on the same date as the single.

The song we have contributed is called "Two Ambulance Day" which has been a bit of a live favourite recently.

Again we recorded it with Nathan and James.

The compilation is to promote great artists associated with Sturdy Records and the man behind it Mark Sturdy - who has been a great help to us in being a slightly more organised band.

Apart from us the compiliation features loads of great bands- This Many Boyfriends, Post War Glamour Girls, Racket Ball, Downdime, The French Defence, Men Only, The World Service, The Seven Inches, Loqui, T.O.Y.S. & The Birthday Kiss.




There is a launch gig for the compilation which we are playing alongside loads of the above bands - FACEBOOK EVENT

Other gigs!

We are playing Manchester for the first time in a couple of years. Its on Monday 15th Oct at Band on The Wall. We are on first so get there early! INFO HERE

We are also taking part in Oxjam in Leeds on 20th Oct. Not sure of times or owt yet but there is more info here.

More updates to follow!

Two September Gigs

head of steam gig poster Bloodstains flyer









On Friday 7th September we are playing our first gig in Newcastle at the Head of Steam.

Also playing are our good friends

Moody Gowns

and So What Robot.

There is a facebook event here

and you can buy tickets here.

Then the following day Saturday 8th September we are back in Leeds for a gig at Baby Jupiter.

The facebook event is here.

This one is gonna be ace!

Recording Session Photos

Ol RecordingBen at recordingKroyd recordingMat recordingNath and James recording

Last weekend we set some time aside to record some new stuff. With the help of James from Post War Glamour Girls and Nathan from Moody Gowns we put down 6 and a bit things that will hopefully be coming out very soon.

New song titles to be going on with:

•Two Ambulance Day
•Some Gimmicks for You
•Glue Factory
•Bus Drove Off
•...and the Victory That Day
•The Fun Never Starts
•Mate Crime

Our next gig is also with Moody Gowns as well as So What Robot at Head of Steam in Newcastle on 7th Sept. Will send an update before hand.

Kendal Calling & Album Update

Kendal Calling We are very pleased to be playing the Calling Out stage at Kendal Calling next Saturday.

We played there in 2010 and had a great time and so we are really looking forward to playing again, at what is a very cool and friendly festival.

For info on the line-up please go here.

To celebrate our performance we have decided to half the download only price of our album "The Land". You can now get it for £4 here.

Upcoming Gigs

Freak out gig posterMiddleman Gig PosterWe have got a few more gigs coming up:

•Thursday 5th July - Cockpit, Leeds (Future Sound 2012)
Facebook event

•Saturday 7th July- Rock n Roll Circus, Leeds (Freak Out Party thing!)
Facebook event

•Wednesday 18th July- Brudenell Social Club - Supporting MIDDLEMAN
Facebook event

•Friday 7th September- Head of Steam, Newcastle

•Saturday 8th December - Fox n Newt Leeds - with Redgrass & RacketBall

The Future Sounds gig was a bit last minute. Its a competition thing but don't worry about that cos we aren't. Because its so close to the RnR circus party we have decided for the RnR Circus gig we are gonna do a set of old tunes that we haven't done for years so come down for that!

More gigs to be announced soon.

"The Land" - OUT NOW!

The Land cover artOur debut album "The Land" is now available on CD and download on STURDY RECORDS.

Its available on ITunes or our bandcamp.

We will add a list of record shops the CD is available in soon!

Track Listing:

•Good Shop Shuts
•Cross Country
•There Won't Always Be an England
•Being Dramatic
•Nostalgic For....
•Wonder St
•No People Just Cut Outs
•Escape From New Yorkshire
•Pop Man
•Tyre Fire
•The Land

We recorded it at Ghost Town Studios with Ross (except Pop Man which was recorded with Whiskas at Mook Studios) and it was mastered by Tom at Hippocratic Mastering.

Hope you like it!

Launch gig

Launch gig crowd photo

Thanks to everyone who came down to the launch gig.

We had a great night. All the bands were fantastic and the sound in the Brud was cool as usual.

Got some nice feedback from people who picked up the album on the night. Glad you like it!






Watch the Cross Country video now

Cross Country VideoWatch our new vid on youtube.

It features Kroyd playing Scrabble with Twub-man and failing. We made it ourselves, on a cold day in a field in Halifax.

There is a good bit near the end with some old ladies walking by and a dog runs off right at the end.

If you like the video then why not download the single for free here.



New single out now!

Cross Country Single CoverOur new single Cross Country is out now.

You can download it on BandCamp.

You can pay what you want for it.

There are two exclusive B-sides, Past Houses and The Neutral Countries.

If you download the whole lot you also get a download of the Cross Country video. Home made with minimum fuss by the band.

Catch us live next at Fox and Newt

and then the album launch!





Album launch gig

launch gig posterIts been a long time coming but the debut album from The Wind-up Birds, "The Land" is ready to go.

Its released on Sturdy Records on 14th May and will be available on CD and to download. We will post more details when the time comes.

To celebrate we have organised a night at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds.

Key things:-

Its FREE in.

Its on Friday 11th May.

We have got three great support bands: DowndimeMoody Gowns MonMon

The album will be available to buy on the night.


Its FREE in.




May day gig with Racket Ball and Redgrass

may day gigFacebook event

Fox and Newt, Leeds - Thursday 3rd May

We are honored to be playing with these two great bands to celebrate May Day. Its not on May Day as Dave "Redgrass" Proctor is seeing Tony Benn on that day, which is fair enough. So this is the next best date.

Really looking forward to this one so come along and say hello.



Review of the Don't Falter gig

Was a really enjoyable first gig of 2012. Got a couple of new songs in there which won't be on the album - "Two Ambulance Day" and "Bus Drove Off". We do hope to get them recorded soon though.

All systems go for the next gig.

Playing today (7th April)!!!

dont falter gig poster

We are playing tonight!

Our first gig in 2012 is at Baby Jupiter in Leeds.

The night is Don't Falter which we played in 2010 and has gone from strength to strength since.

Come down and see us play and then a bit later we will be playing a short dj set too.

See you there!







First gigs in 2012

the wind-up birds live at oportoWe haven't played live since before Xmas 2011 so we are dying to get cracking with some gigs.

So we have started sorting some dates and added them below. There will be loads more to come hopefully and some a bit further afield too.

Saturday 7th April - Don't Falter, Baby Jupiter, Leeds

Friday 20th April - Supporting Brute Chorus, Eiger Studios, Leeds

Thursday 3rd May - MadeHay, M'Aider, Mayday, Fox & Newt, Leeds


Saturday 26th May - Blue Room, Blackpool


Us.Cold.Making a video.

kroyd at video shootben at video shootOli at video shootbradders at video shootOn a cold and wet February day we decided to film a video for the Cross Country single.

We plunged into the wilds of Halifax and with the aid of Bradders (pictured, all wrapped up) and some dogs running about, we got to work.

Ben and Ol chose to wear shirts only per previous videos. Mat chose a cosy jumper and blazer. Kroyd went full t-shirt, big jumper and donkey jacket. Sensible.

The cold did bring back memories of having to run around pointlessly in the cold at school which is pretty appropriate for the tune though so our sacrifices were worth it.

Look out for the video coming soon and the single coming soon after.








The Land Album Cover

The Wind-up Birds debut album will be out in Spring 2012.

We have now completed work on our debut album "The Land" and will be releasing it sometime in Spring. It will be available to download and on CD and will be out on Sturdy Records.

The track listing is: Good Shop Shuts, Cross Country, There Won't Always Be an England, Being Dramatic, Nostalgic For...., Wonder St, No People Just Cutouts, Escape From New Yorkshire, Pop Man, Tyre Fire and The Land.

We recorded it with Ross at Ghost Town last year.

Launch gig and live dates to be announced soon!


Cross Country single coverNew single "Cross Country" Coming soon.

To precede the album we are releasing a download only single.

The single is called "Cross Country" and we are currently in the process of making a cool video for it.

We will be releasing two b-sides with the single; "Past Houses" which has been given a great pop sheen by Ben Siddall and "Neutral Countries" which is a brand new version of a track from our "In These Great Times" EP.